Installation Overview:

"SkinnyBrace" installation to brace the second floor of a house above a garage. SkinnyBraces are available in sizes that will brace single-family homes up to multi-unit apartment buildings.

  1. Install the Connector Channels between framing members; for installation to the bottom of a beam or collector, install the Connector Plate to the underside of the structural member.

  2. Excavate a trench for the SkinnyBrace foundation.

  3. Install the SkinnyBrace to the Connector Channels or Connector Plate.

  4. Assemble the reinforcement “cage” around the base of the SkinnyBrace column.

  5. Place concrete in the foundation trench to match the surface of the existing garage floor slab (assuming typical installation in a garage).

The installation described above can be anchored in the concrete using threaded rods run through the flanges of the columns and extending into the concrete (this is especially useful when the SkinnyBrace is installed near the end of the concrete foundation). When the SkinnyBrace is installed several feet away from the end of the foundation it may be possible to eliminate the threaded rod anchors and rely on the steel reinforcing bars to capture the SkinnyBrace. These decisions are left to the Design Professional.

SkinnyBraces can also be supplied with a welded Base Plate that matches the specimens we tested in the laboratory.

A second option is for the Design Professional to design a custom Base Plate. Quake Bracing LLC can provide and attach the custom Base Plate following the Customer’s engineered design.

Another alternative is for the customer to provide the Base Plate, the Column can be provided slightly longer than required and Customer’s fabricator can cut to exact length based on field measurements. Special Inspection by a third-party testing agency is typically required for any structural welding. Customer is responsible for payment of special inspection fees and engaging the services of a qualified special inspector.