PDF of SkinnyBrace installation instructions

We know your time is valuable, so we made SkinnyBraces simple to install. There are five basic installation steps:

  1. Locate where the SkinnyBrace is to be installed, and excavate for the foundation.

  2. Install the Connector Channels or Connector Plate (provided with the SkinnyBrace, including fasteners) to the existing structural framing above the soft story.

  3. Raise the SkinnyBrace (which is assembled before shipping) into place and attach it to the Connector Channels or Connector Plate. The Channels/Plate are made with anchor points for hoisting the SkinnyBrace into position. Again, we supply the necessary fasteners.

  4. Once the SkinnyBrace is attached to the structural framing above, assemble the reinforcing steel specified by the Design Professional for the foundation.

  5. Place the concrete for the foundation, and patch into any areas that may have been cut out of the garage floor or driveway.