SkinnyBrace Finish Options

Protecting your SkinnyBrace from rust and corrosion is crucial to its performance during an earthquake.

Your SkinnyBrace is like the air-bag in your car: You hope that you never need it, but if you do, you really want it to work. Garages and carports where a typical SkinnyBrace installation will spend its life are likely to be damp and inhospitable. Plain, unprotected steel that is exposed to weather, dampness, fertilizers, pool chemicals, or many other hazards commonly found in a garage will corrode (rust) over time. We want to help assure that your life and property are protected for decades to come. We want your SkinnyBrace to perform as intended when a quake strikes, and that means providing a reliable protective finish.

We offer three choices for the surface finish on SkinnyBraces: hot-dipped galvanized column with remaining components of plain steel; painted; full hot-dip galvanizing on all components.


Standard finish: galvanized column

Column is fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized structural material. Cut ends and edges of holes are plain steel (see The American Galvanizer’s Association website to learn how the cut edges & ends are still protected from corrosion). Other components are either painted, plain steel, or zinc plated, as they may come from our suppliers.

Note: if you order your SkinnyBrace with a base-plate, the base-plate and column must be hot-dipped after they are welded together; we can provide the column and base-plate hot-dipped after assembly and other components plain steel, or all components fully galvanized (see below).


All components fully hot-dipped galvanized

Considered one of the most durable ways to protect steel for long-term use; almost all parts are dipped in molten zinc after fabrication. This offers a “double barrier” to corrosion: a physical barrier between the steel and the weather, and also electro-chemical protection by the zinc acting as a “sacrificial anode.”

If Quake Bracing LLC supplies your SkinnyBrace column with a base-plate for connection to anchor rods set in the foundation, we STRONGLY suggest using hot-dipped galvanized anchor rods. The anchor rod connection is most vulnerable just under the base-plate, and inspection and maintenance are virtually impossible after installation.


Paint on top of galvanizing

We can add a finish coat of paint on top of the zinc coating. Currently our color choices are SkinnyBrace Blue; white; black; battleship grey. The structural fuse will be our trade-mark green in all cases.